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How Rapid Antigen Testing Can Be Used to Help Keep Employees Safe as we Return to Work

Rapid Antigen Testing is being implemented across a number of sectors as a vital COVID19 management strategy and today we will look at how it can keep employees safe in workplace settings.

Be it an SME or a large global distribution center, antigen testing can and should be used both proactively to prevent an outbreak and reactively to isolate and curb an incident when it occurs. Green Egg Consultants Lepu Medical Antigen Test Kits provide results in just fifteen minutes and at €9.95 per test, are efficient and affordable enough to allow employers to implement regular testing of their workers, ideally testing twice weekly to prevent an outbreak. Our CE marked tests are approved in a number of regions such as Germany & Austria for self-administration in private settings (Approved by BfArM), providing employers with the option to distribute kits for employees to use before making their way to their place of work.

If a case is identified or reported, immediate on-site testing of all contacts can help identify further individuals who may be infected and allow those who are not to return to work where previously the business may have had to shutter for a number of days.

Rapid Tests such as Lepu Medical’s SARS-CoV-2, which tested at 95.06% sensitivity and 99.62% specificity in clinical trials, are an added line of defense against outbreaks when added to a company’s COVID management strategy, both in the case of a confirmed case and ideally to used daily by personnel to catch infection before it has a chance to spread.

Green Egg Consultants source medical supplies for European government and private sectors, their Lepu Medical SARS-CoV-2 single use rapid antigen testing kits are one of only 15 approved by the EU commission, and carry an RRP of €9.95. For more information on the kits themselves or to place an order please contact .