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How Rapid Antigen Testing Can be Used to Help Protect Resident’s Physical and Mental Health in Healthcare Settings

From the onset of the pandemic, those in healthcare settings such as nursing homes and long-term care facilities have been disproportionately affected and vulnerable to COVID19 due to the age range and proportion of residents with underlying conditions. Many healthcare settings across Europe have implemented Rapid Antigen Testing to help protect their residents’ physical and mental health.

Rapid Antigen Testing can help fortify public health advice by adding another layer of protection and is most effective when used both proactively and reactively. Proactively regular testing of staff, with a suggested frequency of twice a week, can help identify cases before they have a chance to spread and are particularly useful for agency care workers who provide essential support to many of the understaffed care homes but maybe contracted to numerous residences over the course of their working week.

Rapid testing is also another tool to help proactively protect residents and staff as visitation resumes, testing of visitors using our GEC Lepu Medical testing kits requires no PPE, and results are achieved in just 15 minutes, making them simple to easy to implement during visitations. Isolation from family and loved ones have had a devastating impact on the mental health of many of those in care so the implementation of rapid testing procedures can allow visitation to resume while keeping those vulnerable healthy.

Rapid response is vital with COVID19 and reactively, rapid antigen testing can help identify close contacts and potentially infected individuals when a case is confirmed. It is suggested that all staff our tested immediately and again after 48hrs.

Rapid Tests such as Lepu Medical’s SARS-CoV-2, which tested at 95.06% sensitivity and 99.62% specificity in clinical trials, are an added line of defence against outbreaks when added to a company’s COVID management strategy, both in the case of a confirmed case and ideally to used daily by personnel to catch infection before it has a chance to spread.

Green Egg Consultants source medical supplies for the European government and private sectors, their Lepu Medical SARS-CoV-2 single-use rapid antigen testing kits are one of only 15 approved by the EU commission and carry an RRP of €9.95. For more information on the kits themselves or to place an order please contact  or click on the link below.